Harwan Garden

20km, like Mughal Gardens, Harwan gets a large flow of visitors for its natural ambience and crystal clear lake Sarband'.Ancient remains dating back to the buddhist period have been excavated in this area. The tiles depict dresses of the people which reveal Central Asian inluence during the supremacy of Kushans.Kanishka, greatest of Kushan emperors, is said to have convened his great council of Buddhist divines near Harwan.

At a short distance from Harwan Garden is "Dachgam Wildlife Sanctuary" where Kashmiri Stag, Hongul or Barasingha (cervus elaphus hanglu), is protected. Hangul sheds its horns around the end of March, making its way to high mountains and returns to the lower ridges when its horns are renewed in autumn. The sanctuary also protects brown and black bears, leopards, musk deers, marmots and various bird species. At the mini zoo near the entrance gate Leopards can be closely seen in the enclosed areas. Behind the sanctuary lies the Mahadev peak (4267 meters), it is a trekkers delight. For a visit to Dachigam, entrance passes for visiting the sancutury should be procured from Wildlife Dept office at Gupkar, boulevard. Visit to Dachigam is real treat of Jungle safari for children and adults alike.